Noori Masale Offers a wide range of 28 variants of spices to make every kind of veg or non-veg dish palatable. Our product range can be availed across several packaged options, no matter whether you are a hotelier or a home-maker, you can place your order at us as per your requirement.

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Noori Masale delighted to announce it all new veg spices for your favourite vegetarian dishes. Perfectly processed to suit north Indian peculiar veg dishes, Noori Masale offers Veg Masale in all new packs which includes for Dal Makhni Masala, Chana Masala, Shahi Paneer Masala and Kofta Masala. The new Noori Masale packs feature cooking instructions for the particular recipe on its hindside. Users can get these products online by placing their order on our website.


Noori Masale cherishes to introduce a gamut of all non-vegetarian recipes with more than a dozen masala variants. With just a pinch of Noori Masale sprinkling over your favorite meaty recipe, you can prepare a lip-smacking taste to it. Noori Masale is highly acclaimed for its wide range of non-veg masala which includes Biryani masala, Karhai Ghost masala, Nihari masala, Chicken/Mutton & Fish masala, Haleem masala, and Achar Gosht masala. Users can now search for their favorite masala variant online by visiting our we websites and subsequently place their orders.

Noori Masale has been delivering qualitative products across the world since 1928. The brand during the course of almost a century long period has diversified itself in accordance with the contemporary trends of the varied cuisines in both Veg and Non-veg sections. The brand is now digital !! So now, anyone can order their favorite masale from anywhere and at anytime with just a few clicks. With this platform, India’s one of the top brands of spices, Noori Masale strived to tap the new gen-z generation’s vibrants requisites in terms of exotic flavours besides getting direct feedback from them.